A second city for Johnny's laughter brand

November 20, 2017
Christopher 'Johnny' Daley

Maintaining the success of the Comedy Bar series, Johnny Live Production Company will stretch the laughing stick to Montego Bay for Comedy On The Rocks on December 17 at Pier One. "Montego Bay has been requesting this series for months now. We decided to up the ante and give western Jamaica a full showcase with Comedy On The Rocks," Daley explained.

The decision stems from the success of Johnny Live Productions' weekly Comedy Bar series at 100 Hope Road, St Andrew, where the 'Bar' is an open-mic environment created for young comedians to showcase their talent, Comedy On The Rocks is for the audience. "Comedy Bar is a separate brand. It's like my version of a comedy club set-up. But, On The Rocks is an annual, bigger showcase, not necessarily for amateurs or even for working comedians, but for the audience," Daley said.

It will feature Dufton Shepherd, Leighton Smith, Pretty Boy Floyd and Christopher 'Johnny' Daley himself. Also slated to perform are international comedians Mark Trinidad from Trinidad and Tobago, via Toronto, and Alfred Kainga from Zimbabwe, via Texas.




Daley told The STAR he has worked with both international comedians before. "I chose Alfred Kainga and Mark Trinidad because we wanted comedians with a proven track record. I, personally, have shared the stage with them over the years and know they can deliver electrifying sets that will connect with Jamaicans and visitors to Montego Bay alike," Daley said.

"I'm excited for Alfred. I met Alfred in Philadelphia two or three years ago. We've been on at least three shows together," Daley said. Those include an event in St. Martin earlier this year. "Every time we meet on a show, we talk about doing something like this." The Zimbabwean comedian will be visiting the island for the first time, and has expressed interest in seeing much more than the white sands of the North coast. "He's a big fan of reggae and dancehall. He says he wants to go to Rema and Jungle. He's been doing the urban research. It feels really great to help fulfil his dream." Daley said. Trinidad has already performed in Jamaica, on invitation from Ellis International.

When asked how comedy fits into the reportedly tense and violent atmosphere of St James, Daley said: "I don't associate the two. I go to MoBay every other Wednesday, and I perform to tourists all the time. People go to work every day, people got to school every day. I'm not deterred. Comedy is needed in Mo-Bay, to relieve stress for the citizens,"

"It's a good thing I decided to take comedy down there. Why not reward [Montegonians] and give them an opportunity to relieve some stress? They need it more than anyone else."

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