Kabaka Pyramid prepares debut album

November 22, 2017
Kabaka Pyramid

Having been on the music scene for more than five years, reggae artiste Kabaka Pyramid says he believes it's time for him to release an official full-length album.

Speaking with THE STAR on the recently concluded Welcome to Jamrock Cruise, the entertainer revealed that while he has released a number of mixtapes and EPs throughout his career, 2018 will be the year that he releases his first album and believes the compilation could take him to new levels musically.

"I feel like people have got mixtapes from me, compilations, but me wah make the thing official now wid di real career platform album now," he said. "I definitely want to take my career to the next level with this project. Me wah know say me can tour dis album fi di rest a me life. Even if after dis me ago do other albums and tour wid dem, me wah make sure say dis one never will die in music. That's what I going for with this album, and me feel good about it so far."

According to the artiste, the album, titled Contraband, is more than 80 per cent complete and just needs some minor details to be finalised before its official release.

The album credits Damian 'Jr Gong' Marley as its executive producer.

Kabaka Pyramid is popular for songs such as Well Done and Mi Alright with fellow singer Chronixx, but the entertainer, who is prepared to leave his mark on the industry, says he wants a whole catalogue of songs that will resonate with people, pointing out that the latter is what distinguishes artistes who will be in it for the long haul.

"Making music that people can remember is a great thing for any artiste because music in general is all about familiarity," he explained. "It's good to have a catalogue of music that has those songs that people will grasp quickly. There is so much music being made today and many of them are forgotten a few years down the line. It's a hard market because the industry is saturated with entertainers, but what will distinguish you from everybody else will be those songs with a message that resonates."

Kabaka Pyramid did not give a specific date for the album release, but said it is expected in early 2018.

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