Galiday Bounce dedicated to promoter's mom

November 23, 2017

Galiday Bounce began as Holiday Bounce in Ewarton, St Catherine, a dance which quickly evolved into a star-studded stage show.

However, Galdiez, promoter of the event, is worried about the show's attention and growth. In response to this, the event that was previously advertised to take place at White River Reggae Park on December 30 this year, will instead take place at Priory Beach in St Ann.

Scheduled to perform at Galiday Bounce are Bounty Killer, Beenie Man, Aidonia, Elephant Man, Richie Stephens, Sizzla, Masicka, Tommy Lee Sparta, Chuck Fenda, KipRich, K Queens, D'Angel, Sita, Twin of Twins, Tifa, Iba MaHr and Govana. Live performances will be supported by Ruff Kut Band and JMT Band.

Galiday Bounce will once again be hosted by DJ Amber, London Voice and Beekie Bailey. Music will be provided by ZJ Johnny Kool, Ricky Platinum, Digital Cris and others.


This show will be in memoriam of Galdiez' mother, Mama Ventress, who recently passed away at age 89.

"Mama Ventress always encouraged me to do the show. Sometimes she was even there, staying with me till the morning," he told THE STAR.

According to the promoter, his mother attended his event up to 2015. "But she always wanted me to do something different. She always said it's not growing here. It's gonna be rough, but I think Galiday Bounce is mature enough to breath more on a wider scale," Galdiez said.

Though Whiter River Reggae Park was wider, the accommodation for parking was insufficient.

"One of the main concerns was people parking their vehicles. White River don't have that, and there's a new hotel at the back of the river that have high-ranking people there; so you have to cut off at 3 a.m., and that's not good for us," he said.

After a meeting with the senior cops in St Ann, a decision was taken to move the event to Priory Beach.

Last year's staging of Galiday Bounce pledged to donate part proceeds towards early-childhood education, and this year, Galdiez plans to continue providing assistance.

"This year, we're giving back to the St Ann Infirmary and St Ann's police headquarters," Galdiez said.

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