Kalia-Shea ignores stereotypes

December 05, 2017
Omarie Morgan/Photographer Recording artiste Kalia-Shea

Music industry newcomer Kalia-Shea is determined to make it to the top without using a particular appearance.

Kalia-Shea was signed to one of Jamaica's top modelling agencies, but because she did not adhere to the recommendations to change her look, she did not receive any bookings.

She decided to go independent and began getting contracts, leading to a career in music.

She believes that young female recording artistes, for too long, have struggled with image and success.

"A lot of little black girls out there think it's either you expose all of yourself or cover all of yourself as if you can't have an in-between to express your sexuality as a female," she said.

Kalia-Shea said that men in the music industry are her greatest challenge.


"They don't think with their brain. They think with their head (not all of them) - if you understand what I mean. It's very unfortunate. It makes me sad. You see my potential, but the moment we are in an intimate space, you want to try and 'look me', or worse, feel me up," Kalia-Shea said.

Another misconception is that because of her locks, she is Rastafarian.

"I take from Rastafarian traditions, but I would not say that I am a traditional Rasta. I love their livity and to follow some of their teachings because it is similar to what I believe, but I also think each religion has something to offer," she said.

Kalia-Shea gave THE STAR a sneak peek of the video for her debut single, All Di While, produced by Trevor 'Skatta' Bonnick (of Inner Circle) and Donovan 'Benji' Belnavis (of Ruff Kut Band).

She produced and assisted with directing the video. Some scenes show her in slightly revealing attire, but she is prepared for any criticism.

"If my parents can't look at what I wear in a video or listen to a song and feel ok, then I am not going to release it. There is no way I would do anything to make them feel uncomfortable. I will continue to carry myself with class and encourage other females to do the same," she said.

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