Artists 'battle' by the Waterfront this Saturday

December 06, 2017
Scheed Cole sits with some of his designs

On December 9, the Kingston waterfront expects a swarm of visual artists in intense, live-action competition, with the staging of 360 ReCycle's Kingston Art Battle.

Kingston Art Battle is a pop-up event which seeks to gather local artists to show their talents in a daylong public art competition with top prizes, including a top prize of J$20,000 and (by jury selection) a fully paid internship of six months at 360 ReCycle Manufacturing Ltd.

Interested artists can enter the battle at a cost of J$500.

"I created that project a few years ago (it was called Battle Arts back then) where artists competed like a face-off, while doing live artwork," founder Scheed Cole explained.

Cole is also founder of 360 ReCycle, the event's main sponsor.

"The waterfront is an area we have great interest in. It's an entertaining area; we bring families back thereto have picnics and maybe build a sculpture park one day. We're just inviting people there, as an area for the family," Cole told THE STAR.

Cole said the first year for the battle of the arts was in 2013.

"It went extremely well. It was supposed to be annual, and we had sponsors who wanted to carry it on, but [360 ReCycle] the company got busy. Now, we're resurrecting the competition," he said.

Cole explained that 360 ReCycle uses waste material for art and construction.

"So Kingston Art Battle is a way, as well, to utilise the material we've created to find new talent to keep creating positive functional decorative work," Cole said.

360 ReCycle uses recycled materials like plastic, styrofoam, glass and paper to make sustainable products for construction, home and garden, and child-friendly spaces.

Kingston Art Battle is also supported by Cuso International, Canadian volunteer programme that partners with companies or groups they believe are making changes in communities and with young people.

Regarding the internship, Cole said: "We're looking for someone who is passionate about art, who wants to have a career in the area and have a business from doing art. Kingston Art Battle is about economic development, poverty alleviation and entrepreneurship through art and recycling."

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