Knox College keeps on winning

December 12, 2017
Knox College students celebrate victory in Television Jamaica's All Together Sing on Sunday.
Knox College students celebrate victory in Television Jamaica's All Together Sing on Sunday.
The victorious Knox College performing at the 2017 final of TVJ's 'All Together Sing' on Sunday.

Following the success in other performing arts competitions, the Knox College students last year approached their principal of four years, Alexander Bourne, with persuasive arguments for the school to be part of Television Jamaica's 'All Together Sing'.

The school entered and was named the winner last Sunday evening earning the monetary reward of $1.5 million.

This is the first time acquiring the title as the Clarendon-based high school was absent from the competition for many years. The school auditioned once before, but did not make it to the top 10 and had not re-entered until this year.

"Our music programme was developing at that time and the school focused on many other areas. W0hen it came on the performing arts; our emphasis on the JCDC competitions have resulted in Knox College being named the top school in our area in music and receiving many national awards," Bourne told THE STAR.




Knox College participated in the competition with the choir, supported by musicians of the school band in each performance.

"The school has a rich heritage in the performing arts. We knew we had talent but would have had to spend time coordinating each step. A significant amount of training and effort from both the students and teachers, not to mention the strategy we developed, required them to do a required amount of hours of practice," Bourne said.

According to Bourne, selection and vocal training for the students started as early as the end of the 2016/2017 academic year, continuing into the summer holiday period. The songs were also selected prior to finalising the individuals who would be part of the team; nonetheless, a few changes in the selection were made having found the right fit for their sound.

The choir and musicians were guided by Geneva Ayre, teacher and director of the school's music programme, assisted by Alrick Wignall, music teacher.

"I was totally amazed by my children. It never appeared to be a burden on the students. You could observe them having fun with each other. Sometimes they break out in random song. My emotional reactions and the school's as well were directly related to theirs."

The administration has plans to use resources garnered from winning the All Together Sing competition to carry out maintenance on the science labs at the school.

"The department is in desperate need of an upgrade," Bourne said.

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