Shakespear using music to enhance dance career

December 15, 2017
Shakespear (left) and Chi Ching Ching

Shakespear is one of the most recognisable street dancers, particularly because of his over sized, lens-less glasses.

The dancer is poised to cement his footprint in the annals of dancehall dances following his creation of Rock The World. Shakespear also seems poised to some be labelled as not just a dancer, but a full-fledged entertainer.

"To tell you the truth, Rock The World is a blessing, and more than that, it's a motivation for everyone out there. When you have a dream and you achieve it, you rock the world, right?" Shakespear reasoned. Bigger than claiming to have invented just another popular dance, Shakespear now refers to Rock The World as a big project.

"It's the number one leading single of Chi Ching Ching's debut album, Turning Tables, which is a great thing. It's amazing to feel the love."




Approximately ten years ago, Shakespear began working at his craft. Because of his outlandish glasses, the dancer said he was met with a lot of doubt.

"When I just started I got a lot of doubt and disrespect, and it was all about image. But it's good when you have an image and you stand out. That's what Bogle seh, 'fashion over style'. I'm just doing what I love, to make people happy and entertain.

In 2018, the dancer hopes for the successful promotion of his collaborative single with recording artiste Bugle called Bobo Rock. "That's a next big project for me. This song with me and Bugleit's gonna be a bomb," he said. Shakespear is also anticipating the release of his own solo song, on a riddim produced by popular local producer Anju Blaxx. The upcoming solo will go along with another dance called Dancy Dancy.

Despite his increased time in the studio, Shakespear told THE WEEKEND STAR that getting on stage behind the microphone is not an indication of a career switch. "I'm just using the music to enhance the dance career. I don't think we must try to pressure wiself, just trying to create, more that's what naturally. Opportunity comes once in a lifetime. You have to make the best of it."

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