Dairy farmers given good vibes and music

December 23, 2017
A resident of Seaforth in St Thomas feeds a farmer with his meal.
Nutramix brand manager, Tina Hamilton, speaks with a dairy farmer.
What's a treat without a game of dominoes? These farmers were having a merry time playing the game.

The contribution of small farmers in rural areas usually goes unnoticed. However, several dairy farmers from St Thomas were recently recognised by Nutramix for their hard work and the role that they have played in the growth of the dairy industry.

The company recently hosted a lyme at the Seaforth Community Centre, in which the dairy farmers were treated to food, music, games and good vibes.

"This was our way of saying thanks to the farmers who have contributed to the renewed interest in the dairy industry," said Samuel Jones, area representative for Nutramix.

The farmers also spent time hanging out at the nearby Reggae Falls, where they shared stories with members of the nearby communities, who also came out to partake in the festivities.

In an effort to reinforce its commitment to the Drink Real Milk campaign which was launched in early 2016, Nutramix had earlier this year conducted a seminar for dairy farmers in St Thomas. These farmers were taught best practices in milk production, as well as the use of milking machines to boost their overall milk production.

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