'Taste it!' - LA Lewis tells Sizzla to try oral sex

December 28, 2017
LA Lewis


Controversial dancehall artiste LA Lewis said he is not intimidated or bothered by Sizzla's fury towards him for admitting he enjoys 'eating the forbidden fruit'.

Yesterday, a jubilant Lewis told THE STAR that more than 95 per cent of the dancehall/reggae industry is 'facing' up to their sexual partner but refuse to be open about the act.

He further stated that Sizzla is using his name to gain a hype simply because he is the most relevant and prominent artiste in the industry.

"Sizzla need to understand that is modern time now, and me read my Bible about 15 times already, and no weh it nuh say 'thou shall not make love to thy woman'. When Sizzla a burn LA Lewis, him fi go burn the tings dem whe a gwan ina di country like di road dem whe a fix and other things. Him need to taste it if him no start or admit say him dweet," he said.




Sizzla lashed out at the newly branded 'Ate Star' general, LA Lewis, who was captured on video giving a female oral sex.

"LA Lewis, anyweh me see yu again, me ago kick yu under yu throat," Sizzla said during his performance at GT Taylor Christmas Extravaganza in St Elizabeth on Monday.

A photograph and video of Lewis pleasing a female recently appeared on social media. Lewis told THE STAR the woman was his girlfriend.

"Naturally, my wife did vex because she believe a she alone a get it. I'm the hottest ting right now. I'm the Sting for December. Sizzla is a dinosaur and LA Lewis is modern. Miguel (Sizzla's given name is Miguel Collins), just go hold a space inna Jurrassic Park," he said.

Lewis challenged his rivals to start the lyrical warfare.

"Just put me name inna a song and make me get mad. Sizzla, cool yuhself and go write some lyrics inna yuh old age. He is analogue and I am digital, " he said.

Similar sentiments were echoed by fellow entertainer and social media blogger Dr Love, who told THE STAR that he is imploring Jamaicans to move with the times as it relates to pleasing their partners sexually.

He added that he has given LA Lewis his blessing.

"Me know him did a dweet long time. A me a di one who tell him to try it cuz it taste good. A it make me reach a farrin cuz di woman who me first dweet to say she nah go left me a Jamaica," Dr Love said.

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