J'cans hard to please ... Richie Loop says his music big overseas

December 29, 2017
Richie Loop

Richie Loop has painted a picture of Jamaican supporters as being fickle and hard to please.

"Jamaica is the base for everything. You go somewhere else then come back in, but you don't even see me trying to push much in Jamaica. The [European] audience, they love our music. They're really accepting of what we do. It's different from what you see in Jamaica. In Jamaica, they big you up and then pull you down. With foreigners, they big you up and keep you up, real supporters. When them on your side, you good. They don't change fast like Jamaicans," Richie said.

Many persons have credited popular footballer Mesut ÷zil for leading them to Richie Loop's latest music video after he posted it on his Instagram story. The song is called Best of Me, and is accompanied by a scenic coastline shots of Portland, featuring Love and Hip-Hop: Miami star Gabby Davis.

"It's always good to have support. There are some big YouTubers sharing and liking it. People outside Jamaica will always show the support," Richie Loop told THE WEEKEND STAR.

For this project, Richie Loop collaborated with German producer DJ Teddy-O. Best of Me was released on December 15 by Universal Music. Earlier this year, both DJ Teddy-O and Richie Loop produced the album called KING STREET, scheduled for release in March 2018. "We did the album from in January or February of this year. I produced all the tracks, made all the beats and we shared the rights to all the songs, but he is the one signed to Universal," he said.

"I met Teddy-O on a tour with Cecile in Germany. I met and played some songs for him. We're planning to do a German promo tour for the song, and for the album. All of that is in the making right now," Richie Loop said.

To keep his foreign fans interested, Richie Loop has been producing EDM music.

"I have the most EDM in Jamaica. Most don't know, but I do. This year, I released six EDM songs," the producer told THE WEEKEND STAR. In 2017, the producer has been credited alongside top EDM acts like Hardwell as well as international dancehall star Sean Paul. As he gears up for the release of KING STREET, Richie Loop anticipates that "next year is gonna be hella happy, hella good".

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