I'm not homeless - Gully Bop denies rumours

January 02, 2018
Gully Bop


Fans of entertainer Gully Bop are wondering if the deejay has gone from riches to rags after rumours began circulating that he is currently residing in his vehicle.

In a recent interview with THE STAR, Bop admits that he does sleep in his vehicle but insisted he is not once again poor and homeless.

"I don't live in my car, I have my house. Grants Pen people use to say I was ungrateful 'cause me no come back round dem. Now me come back round dem and mi hear a whole heap a criticism," he said. "And again, my car is a Harrier, a prestige car. Of course mi sleep inna mi car regularly because if mi tyad, mi ago stop and sleep instead a drive and go kill off myself."




He stated that the rumours are spread by mostly females who are either trying to get romantically involved with him or set him up on their daughters.

According to Bop, although he makes constant trips to the community he once called home, he is keeping a tight circle.

In late 2014, a homeless Gully Bop rose to fame months ago after a video of him freestyling went viral.

"Before me buss me never use to roll with people because nobody wouldn't wa roll with me in my state. Mi mother live a Grants Pen, so me go deh often and hail a few people. All dem a chat me, me still give them food fi nyam, nuff a who use to scorn me, me a feed," he said.

By 2015, Gully Bop had secured work permit to the US, the UK and several Caribbean islands.

He performed at some of the island's biggest events such as Sting and Reggae Sumfest, while topping the local charts with songs like Dem Nuh Bad Like We, Body Specialist, and Dream.

To top off his transformation, he had the full support of his then 25-year-old girlfriend, Shauna Chin.

Life was looking good for the once down-and-out deejay. But in recent times, Bop went low-key locally and the hits paused.

"Most a di time, me deh inna America still a record, do show, and all type a things," he said. "Me never gone no way. Me just fly out to a next country fi a while and return, and anytime me wa fly, me can fly. Me set myself and mi well ok."

Bop is preparing to release his debut album during the first quarter of the year.

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