Snapshots of Twelve

January 03, 2018
Shanice Coke turns up the class at Twelve.
It wouldn't have been the same for girlfriends, (from left) Kris-Ann Bailey, Kaysha Phillips and Fredreeka Smith if they did not ring in the new year together.
Trudy-Ann Reynolds (left) and Mitia Harpaul keep it simple as they welcome 2018 at Twelve held at Mas Camp.
DJ Ellizle of Coppershot enjoys a drink before taking to the consoles at Twelve.
Stephanie Lyew Coppershot disc jockeys, (from left) Stylz and Cyclone show good team work on the consoles at Twelve.
These two enjoy the midnight mas music at Twelve.
This patron takes Lebeh Lebeh dance moves to the ground at Twelve held at Mas Camp.
Zoe Desnoes (left) and Annabelle Groves draw close for the camera at Twelve.


Twelve may not have had the fireworks on New Year's Eve celebration as most events in Kingston, but still, the party, hosted by Zimi Entertainment and Drifters, was a hit for its targeted audience. Absorbed in spinning dancehall music, which seemed to be the preference for the night, the disc jockeys both on and off stage hardly noticed when both hands of the clock were on 12.

Check out these snapshots of Twelve.

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