Dreams of cruise control

January 08, 2018
Stephanie Lyew Members of the Dream Entertainment team Gregory Wright (left), Ron Burke (second left), PJ Wright (centre), Scott Dunn (second right) and Kamal Bankay.
Contributed Crystal Gayle (left) and Toni Ebanks make their grand entrance to the Dream Weekend launch party at Tropical Bliss Beach in Montego Bay in 2016.

Dream Entertainment's newest venture, the Dream Weekend Cruise, is scheduled for 2019. Scott Dunn, managing director, said: "It allows for control from start to finish", as it relates to security and various offerings among those food and beverage.

"We want to curate that entire experience for patrons as best as possible by handling everything such as airport arrival, VIP service to shuttles - basically from start to finish, so that we are not at the mercy of external people ruining that experience," Dunn told The STAR on Friday. Packages and pricing are not yet finalised, as planning is in the early stages.

The ship will depart for the Caribbean from South Florida. There will be multiple stops, but it is expected to dock on Jamaica's north coast for at least one of the planned five days, although the cruise does not necessarily end in Jamaica. Dream Entertainment's Kamal Bankay said: "It is probably more like a Jamaican experience than a typical cruise to the island. For example, a cruise that would normally leave from South Florida will provide you with an on-board experience reminiscent of a downtown Miami hotel, but the dream is to 'Jamaicanise' or 'Caribbeanise' it."


Activities and events of the cruise will incorporate various areas on the ship. "It has nine clubs, restaurants, pools and decks where we will host a series of parties, providing huge entertainment," said Bankay. There will also be "events to utilise smaller rooms on the ship and shore parties."

These shore parties are another medium for employment and foreign exchange income, as it involves passengers and crew members disembarking the ship at a specific venue on the island.

Already, the private sector is showing interest in being a part of the venture by sponsoring the cruise. Bankay added that "Some of our existing Dream Weekend and various event sponsors have expressed interest to come on board, and we also hope it is something the Jamaica Tourist Board will support."

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