Performing for charity is most rewarding

January 09, 2018
Doug E Fresh
Wayne Wonder
Christopher Martin
Fayann Lyons
Jovi Rockwell and Shaggy

More than 20 entertainers turned up at Jamaica House on Saturday to lend their talents to a worthy cause. Led by Shaggy, through his Make a Difference Foundation, the artistes set about raising their voices in order to get money for the intensive care unit of the Bustamante Hospital of Children.

The STAR spoke with some of the friends of Shaggy and asked them what is most rewarding about performing for charity.


Romain Virgo:


Whenever we get to do charity show it makes us as artistes feel good on the inside, knowing that we could be performing for someone that could be our biggest fan or a lover of the music overall. Additionally, knowing you doing something to help or touch someone in a very special way by just performing is most rewarding. It is also a part of self-healing and humanity, we should always try to be helpful. There is no reason why, as artistes, we shouldn't be involved in charities or show that will aid a charity like this one.


Fayann Lyons:


If I have 10 pairs of shoes and I give away one that is not charity as I still have nine at home. But if I take my shoes off my feet and give it to somebody and walk home barefoot, it may seem silly, but that's what God did. He took his one life he had and gave it for us. This is what this is when the artiste is giving up something. Everybody gave up money they could have been performing elsewhere making money.


Wayne Wonder:


Just to give back and give my support is something rewarding and what is more is that it is for the kids, and I would do it 100 times more.


Jovi Rockwell:


You really get a fulfilling feeling. It is powered by compassion and your gratitude for life. If you can give back in anyway or shed some light on charity and awareness on our nation's needs, or for one another, I am all about that. Just knowing that I am able to do that is just one of the most rewarding things as a human being, not just as an artiste.


Doug E. Fresh:


The most rewarding thing is to help someone else with using the talent that God has given me, that is the true purpose of an artiste.




Being a mother that has taken her child to the hospital and having Shaggy take me to the hospital, I was able to see what other children and families have to deal with. Knowing it's for a good cause I am not taking any payment at all. I am glad to be here to contribute to the it. It is a rewarding feeling. It is also something I had to do because Shaggy is one of the people that recognises my talent so I am even more happy to support him and the children there.


Christopher Martin:


The most rewarding thing is lending my talent to a cause that bigger than me, bigger than anybody that is here. It is for a worthy cause and when you get to perform a charity like this, it not only does something for others but when you get to perform you feel awesome within yourself to do so. Giving back by performing is always great when it is for worthy cause.

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