Jafrass starts year on positive note

January 11, 2018

Notnice Records-signed artiste Jafrass has released a new single, 'New Year', which has racked up more than 20,000 views in four days.

The song has a positive tone, celebrating the arrival of 2018, expressing hope for prosperity, and asking for an end to the crime and carelessness that has transformed Jamaica into a macho street theatre of senseless killings.

"It is a joy to be alive in 2018. Many of my friends and colleagues didn't live to see it, so as we turn a new page, we are asking Jamaicans to look into themselves and try do some uplifting and positive things in 2018. New year, so give thanks all when yuh nah wear the latest bling," he said.

New Year was officially released online on January 1 on the Notnice Records label.

"Mi a the first artiste drop a song fi 2018. Me and my management team organised to drop the song at midnight as the clock strike 12 on New Year's Day to show how serious I am about my career this year," he said.

Although Jafrass is known for his trigger-pulling songs, he believes the rising levels of gun crimes are a serious concern for everyone.

"Violent gun songs do have a place in dancehall cause music is art, but the violence is really terrible. A lot of families in Jamaica are hurting," he said.

Last year, more than 1,600 murders were committed. According to the World Bank, this ranks Jamaica as the fourth most murderous country in the world.


Change of focus


"Is a new year, so like the song say, new attitude. Last year was a bloody year. This is a money year new house, new car, find a new gear, less crime, less war, is a hopeful song for Jamaica," Jafrass said.

Meanwhile, last year, Jafrass got more than three million views with a video for the Unruly Camp song, the first time he has accomplished such a feat in his young career.

The song continues to enjoy great rotation, both on local and international radio stations and in the dance, and has catapulted Jafrass from being an underground artiste to one with commercial clout and mainstream appeal. He closed the year in style with War Mi Nuh on the Notnice Records which had more than 300,000 views in one month on YouTube.

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