Ram Puss found dead at home — Popular bingo caller dies after battling illness

January 13, 2018
Jenny Jenny
Donald 'Ram Puss' Hayden

Popular Bingo caller Donald 'Ram Puss' Hayden has died. Ram Puss, 58, was found dead at his home in Chancery Hall, St Andrew on Thursday night.

Radio personality, Jennifer 'Jenny Jenny' Small, who says she knew Hayden for more than six years expressed shock over his passing.

In confirming his death, she noted that the specific cause of death was uncertain, but said that he suffered from a number of illness.

"They are not so sure about the cause of death because there were different things wrong with him. They have to do the autotapsy because they are not so sure, but it's natural [death]," she told THE STAR.

"Ram Puss was so awesome though. People can just dead so fast, but he had all sort of sickness. He had a pace maker, I think he had diabetics, hypertension," Small said.

She said they did a number of events together, including the Port Royal Sea Food Festival, where she observed how good he was at his job.

Small said she then got him to do the RJRGleaner Bingo competition because she knew that he was always so good.


"He was just great to work with. I have known him also when he was at the cigarette company, and then he retired and there was a retirement party and send off. So I have been there through a number of his stages," she said.

Elsie Shaw, Ram Puss' domino partner and good friend for more than 20 years, said she last spoke to Hayden on Tuesday and he was OK.

"We played domino at home and we played domino like when we went to bingo," she told THE STAR.

Shaw, who would accompany him to numerous Bingo events, recounted that Hayden was a very cheerful and friendly person.

"He was a very nice person. He was very jovial and love to give jokes. He used to do Bingo for Kiwanis, Lions Club and a lot of other clubs," she said.

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