Shenseea aims for pop-star status

January 24, 2018
Recording artiste Shenseea captured during video shoot for new pop single, Love I Got For U.
Contributed Scenes from Love I Got For U shows recording artiste Shenseea (centre) and dancers on yacht.

There is a deeper story behind the songs that rising female artiste Shenseea puts out, and more about the music and lyrics that keep her inspired to record.

In an interview with THE STAR, Shenseea says, "For dancehall, the music comes from just dancing, the contagious vibes, and the beats. But I also love singing and with the right rhythm, I will go all out."

Shenseea consistently gives teasers of her dancehall singjay-meets-rapper persona outside of the usual style in songs like Nothing Dem Nuh Have Ova Mi and Wine.

She raps "face paint picture but songs write mi story,

Who understand only God be the glory."

In the May 2017 release, Topic of Discussion: Anonymous, produced by Romeich Entertainment.

Shenseea plans to open new doors with a pop single, Love I Got For U, being premiered on all digital platforms this week and distributed by Zojak Worldwide.

In the track, Shenseea expresses her unreserved love for someone who doesn't appreciate it.

"The Miami-based producers Unified Pacific Entertainment linked me a couple months ago with the demo of the actual song, but I decided to put my own twist to it by rewriting the verses and keeping the chorus," she said.

The video, shot by renowned director Jason 'Jay Will' Williams, will be released at the same time as the song.

Both Shenseea and the production team have high hopes for the single and see it taking the international stage by storm.

"By next year I want to be international, and when I say that, I don't mean just as a dancehall artiste, but an international pop star who incorporates the dancehall culture and my accent while majoring in pop music, because that is my first love," Shenseea said.

The artiste said that female artistes from the Caribbean have a major influence on the world.

"So for me, actually going in that direction I think I will have a great impact as well. And this whole production is a step towards it ... (the) video is loud on a different level," she added.

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