Vox Pop: What is your reaction to Jr Gong winning the reggae Grammy?

January 30, 2018
Camicia Grey
Tiffany Shields
Romain Black
Sophia Beagle
Mickay Clarke
Damian Marley

Sophia Beagle: I would rather Chronixx, but I accept that Junior Gong won

Romain Black: I think he deserves it, he has been putting in the work for years now and the album is doing great, so I think he deserves it.

Camicia Grey: He is a talented artiste and I think he’s deserving of a Grammy. However, I just think he won because of his name, the Marley last name

Tiffany Shields: I’m very happy that he won because I listened his entire album; it’s very good and he’s more than deserving of it.

Mickay Clarke: He’s keeping the Marley name alive, he’s preserving the legacy.

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