Blaq Purl hopes to inspire with new single

January 31, 2018
Kevin 'Blaq Purl' Richards

After almost losing his life to a gunman's bullets, Florida-based singjay/producer Blaq Purl has put his experience into song with his latest single 'Believer'.

Speaking with THE STAR, the entertainer said that he hopes the song will offer comfort and inspiration to those who have endured extremely challenging situations.

"I do believe this song will resonate well with the listeners, especially those who have been through a life-altering experience or come face-to-face with hardship," he said. "This song is set to awaken the fighter in them, even when all hopes seem lost. It is a testimony of my faith and endurance."

Approximately two years ago, the entertainer was shot seven times by an intruder who broke into his home.

"A lot of persons thought I was going to die because one of the bullets pierced by chest. However, the Almighty decided it wasn't my time, so instead of sitting around and feeling sorry for myself or having thoughts about retaliating, I use the experience to inspire others," he said.

Believer also features vocals from up-and-coming entertainer Iya Champs and was produced by Blak Purl's Spit Fiyah Records.

Blaq Purl, whose given name is Kevin Richards, spent his early years in Spanish Town, St Catherine, but migrated to Florida in 2004.

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