Jamaican Mafia director creating new series

February 01, 2018
Entertainer D'Angel chills with Mykal Fax, who plays Zoo Zoo in Jamaican Mafia movie. D'Angel also had a role in the film.
Filmmaker Mykal Fax.


Mykal Fax, the producer and leading actor of the popular movie 'Jamaican Mafia', has returned with a new series called 'Informa'.

The series is slated to be released on February 24 on Irie Jam 360.

The six-episode series revolves around Nick Franklin, a Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) agent who poses as Peppa the Hustler.

He finds himself under the wing of informant Clive Frazier, one of the Flatbush Posse's prominent henchman who aids Franklin on his mission to convince them he's one of their own.

"It's the same gangster-thriller genre as 'Jamaican Mafia'. However the story line is completely different. Because it follows an FBI agent on his quest to expunge a brutal and sophisticated Jamaican gang," Fax told THE STAR excitedly.

In addition to Fax, the 'Informa' cast includes familiar faces from 'Jamaican Mafia', including Dexton Cummings, Stokley 'Massup' Brown, Nardo 'Jankro' Ranks and Michael Denton.

"Filming is currently taking place in sections of New York and we pulled off a Hollywood-style series with a US$100,000 budget," Fax explained.

Unlike 'Jamaica Mafia', 'Informa' will be aired on the Irie Jam 360 app which means viewers can watch the series from their phones, computers and iPads.

"We hope that everyone with a phone will get the opportunity to experience a very interesting story that is masterfully told," Fax said.

Apart from 'Jamaican Mafia', Fax is also credited for his screen writing and producing skills in the Jamaican inspired film 'Foreign Bashment'.

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