Lutan Fyah promoting 15th album in the US

February 01, 2018
Lutan Fyah

In a space where recording artistes release multiple mixtapes in a short space of time, it comes as no surprise that reggae regular Lutan Fyah last year released his 15th album called 'Music Never Dies'.

Alongside Norris Man, the Riddim Rebel band and a local opening act, Lutan Fyah will take over a few stages on the final leg of his Music Never Dies North America Tour.

"Lutan Fyah has been around for a while. Our latest album did well for me, so we decide to do this — to create more attention and make appearances, just to be on stage. After 15 years of doing it, we learn how to do it," Lutan Fyah told THE STAR.  

Carrying on with consistent releases, Lutan Fyah has another album in the pipeline for as early as summer.

"We living in the studio. Every day we make music. We just have a couple more to do before choosing the 12 or 13," Lutan said.

Until his scheduled return to Jamaica at the end of February, the reggae artiste is currently stationed on the US West Coast to complete the promotion of his latest work.

"I'm in Seattle, Washington, about to go into rehearsal right now, for a show this Friday in California," he said.

Before heading off to California, the Crab Inna Barrell singer will head to Oregon. According to the artiste, most remaining shows are booked in the northern California area, and the last performance of the tour will take place on February 25.

The Life of A King singer then heads back to Jamaica to perform at the Herb Festival in March, and prepare for his upcoming European tour scheduled to begin in May.

According to the artiste, performing for foreigners is quite different from being on stage in Jamaica. 

"In Europe, America, Africa — there's a real fan base. So anywhere we going, we have a set of songs we play, then ask which song they like — songs viewed a lot on social media, the songs and videos a lot of people follow. This is how we prepare," Lutan Fyah told THE STAR.  

"Jamaica is our place. It have many different artistes, and nuff different vibe. So mostly is 15 minutes on stage and they just a try vibe up the crowd. So we might freestyle or something," he said. 

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