Gospel Spotlight: Kevin Heath, effortlessly evangelical

February 02, 2018
Kevin Heath

Kevin Heath's testimony is fairly well-known. In 2003, two vehicles collided into Heath's as he turned into his driveway. The collision was near-tragic. What Heath recalls as an out-of-body experience, the earth-bound recognise as death. After the passing of three days, Heath testifies that he woke again after travelling through Heaven and Hell, and has since been living in dedication to the Christian faith.

Known as well for his popular gospel song called I'm Above, Heath has added another facet to his growing repertoire, Heath told THE WEEKEND STAR.

This opportunity comes from Heath's recent accomplishment. Approximately four months ago, the gospel singer became an anointed evangelist.

"Recently, I discovered my past mistakes, that I wanted to satisfy me. Self-examination helped me establish my connection with God, so He has made reputable people become my mentor and help me to become a better person. From 2014, I'm more settled with myself, and still working on me even now," Heath said.

Heath said that his mentor is gospel powerhouse Jermaine Edwards of Island Worship Productions. Heath and Edwards even share a collaboration on the single Cover Me.

"I give him all praise for putting me on the forefront of gospel music. Also, DJ Nicholas and Rondell Positive, who have helped me along the way," Heath said.

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