Spotlight's clothes torched... DJ feels heat for sharing an ice cream with Macka Diamond

February 03, 2018
Macka Diamond

Spotlight's clothes torched

Dancehall artiste Spotlight said his fiance has gone overboard with jealousy. The entertainer said she torched several of his most expensive clothing.

Spotlight told The STAR that their relationship has taken a turn for the worst after she accused him of having an ongoing affair with fellow dancehall artiste Macka Diamond.

"Right ina the middle a winter me get kick outa mi house, and on top of that she burn up me good clothes dem. The whole ting a stress me out because me really no deserve dis. What me and Macka had was a ting of the past and when me girl ask, me tell her everything. Now she a move off key," he said.

Spotlight and Macka are currently promoting their collaboration called Prove It, which also played a part in the recent controversy.


The entertainer's fiance, who goes by the name 'Ja Luxury Doll' on social media, gave Macka Diamond a verbal lashing after a video surfaced with the female deejay and Spotlight sharing an ice cream.

She also accused Spotlight of spending approximately US$2,000 on the entertainer.

Ja Luxury Doll told The STAR that she was simply rebelling.

"This relationship was built from the ground up and its really messed up that a man will forget where he started, just for a little old meat. Him suppose to have money to buy back di few piece a clothes dem cuz him spend nuff on her. Macka a woman too, and is like her conscience too old and nah work," she said.

When asked if she will put the ice cream eating incident behind her, Ja Luxury Doll said she is uncertain.

"Ano like me no wa d'weet but is like Spotlight a try justify him actions... . Me don't even know ya man," she said.

Meanwhile, Macka Diamond is imploring Spotlight to be the man and take the reign in his relationship.

"Is their ting eno, and me na tell him say him must beat her up cuz me no encourage or support domestic violence, but Spotlight need to be the man. She a try tarnish him career and now she burn him clothes," she said.

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