Quada look to grow in Unruly Camp

February 15, 2018

A noteworthy entrant in Popcaan's Unruly Clash Wednesdays' 2016 staging, Quada quickly caught the attention of the Unruly Boss and has proven quite the matching talent for the team as the first signee to Unruly Entertainment. The 21-year-old dancehall artiste has his sights set on the international market and is now poised to take a major step in his career.

"The clash experience was great. It taught me a lot about music, and specifically the battling/clashing side of music. There are a lot of artistes out there. However, the best of the best turn out to Unruly Clash, and I think if you can make it there and conquer the Unruly ground, then you will make it," he told The STAR.

Originally from Sterling Castle Heights, St Andrew, and a past student of the Calabar High School, Quada says that if he had not entered the clash, music would still have been his choice. The artiste has worked as a chef and has also dabbled in gardening and interior designing. Like his diverse interest in vocational skills, Quada also follows the various genres of music, including the underground rap styles, trap, and hip-hop.

"I don't want to be boxed into a particular category or genre, because I can adapt and adjust to doing any while not losing my vibe. I'm not doing music for an opinion; I'm doing music because I love it," Quada told The STAR.

According to Quada, being signed to Popcaan's Unruly Entertainment label "is the greatest feeling ever, because it's something I dreamt about. It's not a coincidence that I am part of the Unruly team today."

Despite not winning the Unruly Clash in 2016, Quada's lyrical potency caught the attention of Popcaan.

"Quada is a great talent, and with the right artiste development, I have no doubt he will be a force to be reckoned with in dancehall music both locally and internationally," Popcaan said.

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