Popcaan makes heartfelt donation to children's home

February 27, 2018
Nikki Z

He describes himself as the Unruly Boss, but today, a different adjective is being used to sum up the entertainer. That word is 'generous'.

The entertainer, who is often associated with negativity because of his songs, is showing Jamaica that while he is a hardcore dancehall artiste, he is also a human being.

A Black Panther challenge call made by media personality Nikki Z was answered by Popcaan.

Nikki Z told THE STAR that she wanted to give the children at the Walker's Place of Safety the opportunity to see the history-making film. She invited persons to sponsor the home.

A passionate Nikki Z said she was filled with emotions when she received a whopping $100,000 donation from the Unruly Boss himself. The money, she said, was to cover the cost for more than 40 children from the Walker's Place of Safety to see the movie Black Panther.

"I didn't believe it. When the money came, I was like, 'WHAT!'. I was literally, nearly in tears. I thought I was gonna have to do way more hustling to get the money together. I got a call that Popcaan wanted to do something, so I told them about my idea for the Walker's Place of Safety, told them how much it was, and they said 'cool'," she told THE STAR last Friday.

"In no time, I got the money from Popcaan - $100,000 sent directly to me in cash. When you look at it, there are about 40 kids. Regular seats are $1,300, so that's already like $50,000. Then, we have to factor in popcorn, soda, candy, and the works, because if we're going to give these kids this opportunity, we have to give them the entire experience and go all out. So the $100,000 will cover everything and ensure they have the time of their lives."

Painted in a bad light

Nikki Z, who took to social media to make Popcaan's generosity public, said that she felt the need to do so because entertainers are oftentimes painted in a bad light and are seldom highlighted for the positive moves they make.

"A lot of times, entertainers do these things and they're not highlighted. I've learnt that Popcaan wants to come with us on the day we get to go if he's in the island. I just hope that on the day we do get to go, more of my entertainer friends pass through and really make it an unforgettable experience for these kids," she said, encouraging other persons to join in on the challenge.

"Whoever else can do this for any other group of children anywhere in the island, just do it. Even if all you can afford is one ticket, do it."

The media personality said that she is now waiting on a response from Palace Amusement to see if the group of children will get to enjoy a VIP experience by getting an auditorium for themselves.

"Right now, I'm just waiting for Palace [Amusement] to respond to my email to see if they can accommodate a private [showing] because we want to give them that intimate VIP experience. If not, we will just go in, buy the tickets, and watch the movie," Nikki Z said.

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