STAR of the Month: Mi live inna mi closet - Beenie Man shares love for shoes and suits

February 27, 2018
Beenie Man tries on one of his favourite jackets.
Jackets and shirts of all styles can be found in Beenie Man's closet.
The deejay shows of rows and rows of shoes and clothes.
This Jimmy Choo pair is quite an eye catcher.
Beenie Man is sure to make a statement in these shoes.

We’ve already heard about his impeccable fashion sense, but just in case you didn’t believe, the King of the Dancehall gave THE STAR a sneak peak inside his closet.

Money shouldn’t be an issue when it comes to swag, and for our STAR of the Month, it certainly isn’t. Beenie Man has walk-in closet with rows and rows of shelves stacked with tailored pants, jackets, vests, blazer and shoes.

The entertainer, who admitted to being a lover of shoes, told THE STAR that he has footwear from numerous brand name designers including Prada, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Versace and Giuseppe Zanotti. Revealing that he once spent US$25,000 on shoes on a trip, Beenie Man pointed out that once he likes a pair, he’s buying it.

“Me spend like US$12,000 to US$25,000 on shoes in one go. If yuh see it and yuh like it, just buy it man,” he said. “Me have all different brand shoes, all different type shoes — sneakers, dress shoes, low shoes, high shoes, Red Bottoms, everything. Me love shoes.”

The entertainer is also a fan of tailored suits and that was evident when THE STAR toured his closet. Vests, blazers, dress pants were seen by the dozens.

Beenie Man said that he gets a lot of his suits from local designers such as Carlton Brown and White Sky, as well as designers in Italy. 

“Yuh see the Italian designers, dem know di right fit and the right cut, clean. Di pants weh me have on now is Italian made,” he said. “Me like Dubai too because yuh always find some different style over there. Me have a Versace suit weh me buy a Dubai, nobody else nuh have that"

With so many outfits to chose from, THE STAR asked Beenie Man how long it takes him to get ready on average, and that’s when he proudly told that, “me live inna me closet man. Memba a me a di hottest man alive, enuh. The closet have so much that some time yuh come in and yuh stand up and yuh look but yuh nuh know wah fi wear, so yuh go weh go think bout it and come back.”

He also revealed that as an artiste who keeps up with the time and trends, he updates his closet every so often and throws out some items or gives away others.

And in case you were wondering who has the task of organising his closet on a regular basis, he pointed out that girlfriend, Krystal Tomlinson, is the organisation guru, and she makes sure his space well kept.


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