Weh dem up to? - RDX seeks to get people moving again

March 02, 2018
Contributed RDX

At the height of their career, dancehall duo RDX was the go-to music group that made the ladies move every inch of their bodies. Many may recall songs such as 'Jump', 'Kotch', 'Bend Over' and 'Chrome Whine' dominating the local airwaves, creating something of a dancing fever, particularly among the female fans. These days, the duo may not be as popular as they once were, but they are still very much in the music business.

THE WEEKEND STAR caught up with the duo, who revealed they are exploring new styles to get people moving to their tracks once more. With their latest single Grab receiving good reactions on the ground, the duo believe that their dancehall takeover is imminent.

"It's Grab season," the duo said, even as they advised those who choose to engage in the new dance to "grab responsibly".

"The people have been eating it up like crazy. The excitement for the track has been over the top. This is vintage RDX; high energy that will draw out man and get them dancing with woman again."

The duo, in an interview with THE WEEKEND STAR, sought to assure fans that even when they are not hearing new music from them, they are busy seeking out new ways to keep them dancing.

"We try to make most of our music danceable, even if it's not a dance song. There is not only one way to dance, and so, we will continue to explore new styles to get people moving," they said.

The duo, meanwhile, is urging fellow entertainers to try new styles while maintaining the authenticity of the music.

"Nothing is wrong with having certain influences on the music, but we have to continue making dancehall that remains authentic to our culture. We can't be cussing when overseas artistes do dancehall and don't call it that if when you go look up dancehall 2018, everything sounds like what Rihanna and Beiber on. We have to make an effort to do less music that sounds like a discount version of hip-hop/trap," they said.

The duo is currently off the island promoting their debut album Level Up, which was released in October last year. They are getting ready to drop their latest single Roll It, and are preparing to shoot the videos for their songs Walk and Grab. They also just completed

shooting the video for Mash Up Di Place, which is a song the duo is featured on with EDM producer Sak Noel.

If you are looking to catch the duo live on stage, they will be performing at Youth Got Talent in St Thomas on March 31, before hitting the college circuit in the United States thereafter.