STAR of the Month: Delus was part of everything I did - Konshens

March 05, 2018
Delus (left) performing with Konshens in 2015.

As a young man, Konshens lived in the footsteps of his older brother Delus. So, it was only natural that when Delus decided to embark on a music career, his little brother would follow suit.

"He was practically part of everything I did. If him a play football, me a play football. If him a do basketball, me a do basketball. If a badness him a say, a that me a do too," Konshens said of his brother, who died in June 2016.

Konshens told THE STAR that they both decided that they wanted to be firefighters, but were told by a friend that their tattoos would hinder them.

"Somebody told us that we couldn't give blood at the time. Me don't know how true that was, but Delus then say, 'yow, come we do music nuh', and me say, 'all right', and that was it," he said between laughter.

"Dem time deh, him did just take up di music ting, and me start follow him, and that's how the decision came about. Delus had a little knowledge of technology, so we used to write and record on a little machine that we had," he added.

That decision led to the brothers, then going by the name Sojah, recording their first hit single in Japan called Pon Di Corner. The success of the single was enough for Konshens to quit his day job at Azan's Supercentre and fully focus on his recording career.

"People started comparing us with what was being played on the radio, and me a work 20 grand a month. Then realise say me could get a dub for 20 grand so me just start fully focus on music," he said.

Pon Di Corner gained popularity locally and in Japan, eventually earning the brothers shows in that country. 

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