Sandz set to invade Portmore

March 16, 2018
These gorgeous women were among the many persons who descended on Seventh Harbour on the Palisadoes strip for the New Year's Day staging of Sandz.
There was bumper to bumper traffic on the Palisadoes strip at the New Year's Day Sandz party.
Some of the persons who turned out for Sandz at 7th Harbour Beach Park along the Palisadoes strip in Kingston on New Year's Day 2018.
Traffic gridlock along the Palisadoes strip on January 1, 2018, caused by unruly motorists attending the New Year's Day party 'Sandz'.

Following the New Year's Day debacle, which saw a pile-up of traffic on the Palisadoes strip, the promoters of Sandz are getting ready to stage yet another edition of the party on April 1.

The party, which has had 12 previous editions, is being advertised for Sugarman's Beach in Portmore. Sandz, which is a daytime beach party, is usually held at various venues across the island.

The mayor of the Sunshine City, Leon Thomas, has expressed concerns following the now infamous Palisadoes incident.

"I have not given permission for the event, and even if it is going to happen, we have to meet with the different services for thorough discussions," Thomas said.

"The police need adequate notice, at least one week, to put in place the required manpower because it will impact on the police more than anybody else in terms of traffic management," he continued.

The mayor also said that public health officials will also have to carry out mosquito fogging to prepare the general area ahead of the advertised date.

Head of the St Catherine South Police Division, Senior Superintendent Clive Blair, confirmed that an application was received for the event.

"It is understood that they cannot cross the bridge before it is reached, so we are having continuous discussions with the promoters," Blair said in relation to plans for traffic control.

Meanwhile, according to Thomas, the Portmore Municipal Corporation may require a payment of no less than $15,000 for the permit. The promoters will also need to arrange for emergency ambulance services, pay the public health department and fork up fees to advertise on the roads, if they have not already done so. Those fees are not unusual.

When contacted yesterday, a representative from Sandz declined to give details about the upcoming event. He, however, said that they are working closely with the police and other stakeholders to ensure that the event runs smoothly.

The promoter said that people who were unable to attend the Palisadoes party because of the traffic pile-up can redeem physical tickets by March 19.

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