Mission Ary Globally promoting latest album

April 03, 2018
Mission Ary Globally

Florida-based reggae artiste Mission Ary Globally is currently promoting his latest album called Strange Things.

The 10-track project features tracks like Take It Easy, Extreme and Low Pon Cash.

"It is a really good project. There is a song on it for everyone, and a lot of thought and work was placed into each track. It has been getting steady rotation, especially here in Florida, and I am hoping that the message in each track will spread far and wide," he said.

Mission Ary told THE STAR that he is also hoping that he will earn a few tours from the album as well.

"I hope that it will take off in Europe because that continent has a large reggae following. All of the tracks are authentic dancehall and reggae, so I am really anticipating great things from it," he said.

Mission Ary Globally, whose real name is Benton McNeil, hails from the parish of Portland.

He said the moniker Mission Ary was given to him by a friend, who saw him dressed as a church minister during a local talent show.

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