Sampalue 'cooking up' more than music

April 06, 2018

Veteran producer Sampalue has extended his hands into the culinary field with the launch of his Kingston 10 Sports Bar and Restaurant.

He said that the restaurant, located in Hillview Crescent in Kingston, caters to Jamaican and Italian foodies.

"The ambience is wonderful, and we cater to those persons loving Italian dishes as well. Very soon, we will be offering other cuisines from other cultures," he said.

This is not the first time that the record producer has tapped into the food industry as he previously operated two restaurants in New York.

"I gave them up to come back to Jamaica. I had been travelling back and forth for about 32 years but decided to return home because I had established a few business ventures here and wanted to continue with them," he said.




Kingston 10 has been in existence for almost two years. In addition to the restaurant, liquor and wine lovers can also indulge in their favourite drinks by the bar.

"I love to cook and experiment with new dishes, so I'm always busy in the kitchen ensuring that my customers get the best taste," he said.

Sampalue, whose given name is Garfield Phillips, has been around the music business since childhood. His father is music producer Phil Pratt.

Sampalue followed his father's path into production shortly after leaving Wolmer's Boys' School in 1983, releasing songs by Frankie Paul and Sanchez, among others.

He is also the CEO of Diamond Rush Productions, the record label that announced Lady Saw's emergence as a dancehall force during the late 1980s.

Diamond Rush's biggest success came with the risquÈ Lady Saw. Phillips produced some of her major hits such as Give Me A Reason and Find A Good Man.

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