Dancehall stars jumping with Bacchanal Jamaica

April 08, 2018
Shorn Hector photo Dancehall star Stacious
Shorn Hector photo Popular dancer Renee 6:30

Dancehall star Stacious and dancer Renee 6:30 joined the Bacchanal crew on the road. 

Stacious, who has been celebrating cardinal for the past nine years invited Renee Six-Thirty to jump for the first time.

"Dancehall is in my heart, but I had to invite Renee 6:30 on the road and turn her into a soca junkie, just for one day!", Stacious told The STAR.

Renee 6:30 has been yearning to jump mas from she was 10 years old and 15 years later, she is overly excited as she joins Bacchanal Jamaica parade.

"Me likkle colour ago gone and tomorrow me ago black bad but a si it go. Me always wa come and me always beg mi granny carry me when me a pickney but she never get round to it but me finally make it," she said as she gave the The STAR photographer a glimpse of her tongue ring.

According to the dancer, the vibe is completely different from what she is used to in the dancehall, but she welcomes it with open arms.

"Me no used to the walking ting and the sun hot and ting because dancehall happens in a limited space at nights but me love it bad. Dem people here come in like dem cyaa tired and me know next year ca miss me, " shr said between laughter.

The purple haired dancer promising to show off some of her acrobatic dance moves before the parade ends at Mas Camp later today.

"You done know me frass cuz from morning a bare Magnum me a beat so you know later me ago shell it with the rest a people dem," she said.

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