X-Amount wants to break barriers with new song

April 17, 2018

New York-based singjay X-Amount is currently promoting his latest single, 'Reggae Music'. The song, he said, gives thanks to the Almighty while paying respect to music legends, present and past.

"The song was written and produced by me, and it just gives off a good vibes. So far, it has been embraced by the listeners. I grew up listening to a lot of music legends, so it's only fitting that I would pay tribute to them. The Almighty has been my guide, so I always include him in whatever I do," he said.

The entertainer said that he is hoping that the track will broaden his fan base while inspiring its listeners.

"I really want this track to break musical barriers. Reggae music allows me to express myself in a creative way while connecting with my West Indian heritage and passion. It gives me a platform to bring a message that promotes social justice and change. I desire to reach and connect to the hearts and souls of my listeners," X-Amount said.

He told THE STAR that despite the challenges that he has faced as a reggae act living overseas, he is determined to leave his imprint on the industry.

"It can get a bit hard when you are in another country trying to do reggae music, but I am not one to quit. I therefore make frequent trips to Jamaica to promote my brand, and so far, it is working," he said.

The Jamaica-born artiste is known for other tracks such as Lifetime Survivor and Shock Mi.

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