You are all hypocrites - Shauna Chyn bashes critics after sexy video

April 17, 2018
Shauna Chyn
Shauna Chyn

Dancehall artiste Shauna Chyn said she is unbothered by the tongue lashing she has been receiving over a live video that she posted on the beach.

In the video, the entertainer is seen acting sexy as she promotes her latest single.

However, some social media users are blasting her actions saying that they were too explicit.

"Me did just deh pon di beach and a be myself and a promote my song called Control Button. I was in a G-string bikini and me a video myself and just a say you know say me fat fi true, like how me say it inna the song, and den people start make a big deal out a it," she said.

Among the critics was social media blogger Dr Love, who stated that the dancehall artiste was acting classless for a mother.

"She a promote herself like a front she a sell on the Internet. Come on, man, Shauna! Remember you is a mother, and me sure you son or his friends go on your page. It no look good, " he said.

He told The STAR that Chyn received one of the biggest opportunities in the industry when she met Gully Bop, but did not make the most of it.

"If you are selling music, sell music. You are behaving like you are the prostitute of dancehall. You came out and say you are a lesbian and it did not get you anywhere, so now you come back with this. Have some dignity," he said.

However, Chyn told The STAR that she has no intention of slowing down, stating that she is free to use her body any way she wants.

"When me hear people a farin say dem hate Jamaica and no wa come back a Jamaica, me can't blame them. Unnu dutty Jamaicans unnu don't like to see people happy with themselves," she said, arguing that sex is a normal thing.

"Nanny a di Maroons did a sex. We ancestors dem used to sex. How the hell did we get on Earth?" she asked.

She argued that Dr Love and the rest of naysayers are a set of hypocrites.

"Why Jamaican people dem alone a act like say something is wrong with sex and something is wrong with vagina and penis?" she asked, pointing to the statues that stand in Emancipation Park.

"So when unnu come a talk bout class and me a do tings fi attention, me no need to do that because me nice and clean already," she said.

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