Weh Dem Up To?: Noddy Virtue steadfastly working on debut album

April 20, 2018
Noddy Virtue
Noddy Virtue

It's difficult to forget Noddy Virtue, the St Elizabeth farmer who stole souls lovers' hearts with his powerful renditions of classic songs on 'Digicel Rising Stars' in 2005.

Though he has not been in the spotlight for many years, singing is still this crooner's bread and butter.

"I've been in the US and across the Caribbean. I'm going to the US shortly to come back around the Caribbean; a lot of things are happening. We still doing it. I never stay home for a week yet. We working," Noddy told The WEEKEND STAR.

Fans won't catch him on a major stage these days. Most times, his gigs are private affairs like weddings and banquets. However, the cabaret performer hopes to change that later on this year.

"I'm in the studio working on original material. I know that everybody knows me as covering songs, but now I'm doing roots-reggae music - more roots songs, positive and uplifting music," he said.

So far, Noddy and the team have laid down seven tracks for an upcoming album.

"There are some songs voiced from a long time ago. But we're on our way," he said.

Despite falling off the radar, Noddy said he has never stopped working in music.

"I've been through a little setback, but I think everybody has been through that," he admitted. "When I was on Rising Stars, I only got J$300,000. At the time, I had a little young yute. People start to expect a lot weh yuh can't give. But I never give up. You never know when is your time and your big break. Yuh never know when is your shine. Keep the faith and do the work."

The lesson he has learnt from years of experience is to choose the right team.

"You have to be aware of the people surrounding you, the people you allow to be a part of your team. Music carry a lot of weight, music expect a lot from you," Noddy said.

Noddy has been working alongside Moses Production (Reflection Label) since 2005.

"Mi nuh work with nobody else. We go around and know other producers, but I've been working with them all these years," he said.

Noddy's decision to finally record music has come after the successes of the present generation of young reggae acts.

"Good music nuh really get highlighted. People nuh really look up to the reggae singers like that anymore," he said. "We, as the younger generation, should put our new ingredients in it. So I have to give it up to people like Chronixx, Jesse Royal and Kabaka Pyramid. It's a good look for reggae music. I'm not bashing dancehall, but people can know seh reggae is part of our main culture."

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