I'm just expressing myself - Majah Hype talks about his characters

April 26, 2018
Comedian Majah Hype talks about the various characters in his comedy sketches.
Majah Hype will have his own comedy show on BET starting this June.

There is a notion that the Jamaican audience is the hardest to please, but social media sensation/comedian Majah Hype disagrees.

"I had an audience on social media before I started doing stand-up, so they want to see me work," he said.

The comedian is known, mainly via his Instagram account, as one who portrays a variety of Caribbean personalities.

"I get to express myself in different ways through them (his characters). 'Sister Sandrine' gives nothing but woman advice, then you have 'Mitzie', who's just 'teggehregish', just don't care, she's a shoplifter and all that. Then you have 'Petty', who is more passive. And you have Di Rass, who is just no-nonsense, no tolerance with anything," he said.

There also exists the critique that male comedians have risen to popularity through their impressions of women. That doesn't bother Majah, who dons wigs and a feminine demeanour only as a reference to the character.

"The reason I started doing that is I couldn't find anybody who could play these characters the way I wanted them played. So I seh 'You know wah? Mek I go to Party City place and get a little mash up-looking wig and reference a woman.'"

There are women who have offered to make Majah nicer wigs and have even asked that he don their wigs to promote their salons.

"You might hear the 'funny guy' talk with other comedians. You don't hear that about Majah ... because I'm not trying to be a female," he said.

The first female character Majah created was Sister Sandrine, an older woman.




"The reason I did that was because I had points that I wanted to get across, how this generation of young women looks at life. I know that a female would rather hear that from a female. Dem nah guh tek nuh talk from nuh man," he told The STAR.

He said that he could make 150 male characters, but without a 'big mama' personality, "it's just not complete".

Majah will debut his stand-up special, Are You Dumb?, in Jamaica at the Karl Hendrickson Auditorium tomorrow. Then he will perform in Montego Bay on Saturday.

The tour started in January and is booked until about November. But Majah isn't perturbed by the tour's duration.

"We're gonna entertain these people not only because of the revenue, but [because] this is what the world needs. People tend to be a little bit too serious sometimes," the comedian told The STAR.

Along with his comedy tour, Majah Hype will be working on other major projects. He has completed his first independent film, called Foreign Minds Think Alike, and will begin production on a second soon.

He has also been working on The Majah Hype Show, a sketch comedy programme set for premiere on BET in June.

"It's gonna involve other comedians that everybody knows on social media, and, of course, the characters will play a part in it," he told The STAR.

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