Gospel Spotlight: Minister Blessed just wants to 'Be Like You'

April 27, 2018
Christina Roshay and Minister Blessed.

While visiting with family in the US, Minister Blessed was pulled into an uncomfortable situation.

He found himself going along with his cousins to celebrate a birthday. Unbeknown to him, the festivities would lead him to a nightclub.

"I was misled and stuck in a club. You know when friends say you're going to a birthday link-up, but it was a club overseas; I couldn't do anything about it. They were trying to influence me to do the things they do in the club. But having left that experience, people who were there said it reinforced for them my Christianity," the deejay told The WEEKEND STAR.

Despite being surrounded by secular behaviour and temptations, Minister Blessed stood strong as one line played over and over again in his mind: "Jesus, I just want to be like you".

"That one little line was born in my head. This is a relevant message I want people to gravitate towards. All I had was the one line, but I got home and started to expound," he said.

That one line has developed into a high-spirited gospel song called Be Like You, featuring powerhouse songstress Christina Roshay.




"I'm not a singer, I'm a deejay. But I prayed about it and put some names before God. I was led to collaborate with Christina. I had already written most of it, but I wanted her voice as the singer to add her own unique story in her verse. If I wrote it, it would have been more deejay, so it's also from her perspective," he said.

Minister Blessed said the aim of the song is to encourage persons to emulate Christ and challenge believers to be in the world but not conform to it.

"That was my personal challenge and testimony, where even being tricked or misled to be in a club, I maintained my purity by not partaking in the activities, but instead, could be a light among the darkness," Minister Blessed told The WEEKEND STAR.

Be Like You was produced by Jerian Lewis of Shabach records, and the music video was directed by APS Columbian Films.

"The video is really pumped up. We're approaching the third week of its release," the gospel deejay said happily. The clip is nearing 6,000 views.

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