LA Lewis to miss royal wedding - Entertainer says schedule was too busy

May 02, 2018
LA Lewis says prior commitments will keep him from the royal wedding on May 19.
LA Lewis
Prince Harry (left) and Duchess Meghan

Controversial dancehall artiste LA Lewis has said that while he would not be attending the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, he has sent his love and apologies for being absent via a letter.

The wedding will take place on May 19, with the ceremony scheduled for the St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle at noon.

At least 600 guests are expected to attend the ceremony, and while the 'Seven Star General' will not be among them, he stated that he will personally offer his best wishes when he visits Buckingham Palace this month end.

"I was not invited, but you know LA Lewis does not need an invitation as it relates to the royal family. If LA Lewis should just pop at any given time, 'acceptation' will always be there because I am the only royalty in the Caribbean," he said.

LA Lewis is known for his gimmicks in the dancehall scene and his alleged affiliation to the Queen of England, Harry's grandmother Queen Elizabeth II.

He added that it was natural for Prince Harry and Markle to be disappointed that he would not be in attendance, but blamed a busy schedule.

"I had sent them both a letter to let them know I wouldn't be there because me have previous engagements because I am busy working on a lot of projects," he said.

Among his projects, he said he would be meeting with Chinese businessmen to discuss business ventures.

"Anyone would be disappointed if I can't make it because I am like the JPS in any party. When LA is around, the energy is always on," he said.

Keeping a straight face, he stated that he would be in England this month end to shoot the music video for his single, Big Up The Greatest Queen.

He told The STAR that Queen Elizabeth is excited to be part of the music video since she has already done the intro to the track.

"Her Majesty is really excited to be in it. This is the first time in history that her voice has been in a song and people want to know how I got the copyright and ting because the song is on iTunes and you have to get the clearance for that. So that again is another 'sobolius' move by LA Lewis and Trillionare Records," he said.

He also has a message for the royal couple on their wedding day: "Just enjoy yourself and make crazy love and make some heir for the throne."

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