Weh Dem Up To: Opal Hotta Ball still on the ball

May 11, 2018
Opal Hotta Ball
Opal Hotta Ball

"Yuh tell mi fi quint, mi nuh quint my eye. Nookie clean, nookie tight, an' that's no lie."

Many will remember when this opening line came over the speakers in the dance hall, indicating the beginning of the 'gyal segment'.

The lyrics are taken from Opal's 2008 hit song, I Said It. Opal first came into the public eye after collaborating with Mr Vegas on the sensational 2007 track Hot Wuk, her first attempt at doing music.

These days, the dancehall star has taken a short break from the limelight as she settles into motherhood.

"I started a family. My daughter is almost a year old, but I've still been working. I've done tracks with Major Lazer that they have produced with Pharell Williams and MIA," she told The WEEKEND STAR.

Opal has been a featured artiste on international television.

Aerosol Can (2014) was featured in VH1's sports drama called Hit The Floor. The show is centred around cheerleaders, and in season two, episode three, the cheerleaders performed choreography to the music.

Opal's voice opens the song in her signature whisper, repeating, "we behaving bad."

Her song called This Me Know (2012) was also featured on the second episode of Spike Lee's popular Netflix series, She's Gotta Have It, along with Kingston Town (2016) by Fantan Mojah, featuring Capleton and Turbulence.

Opal also recently collaborated with a recording artiste from Connecticut called Indian.

Along with her continued contributions to dancehall, Opal has been spreading local culture to international foodies.

Opal resides in Florida, where she lives with her husband, and is mostly preoccupied with caring for her baby girl, Jaya Blane.

Opal operates a Jamaican-cuisine food truck, which is currently parked. "It's on pause right now because I've been busy with the baby," she explained.

Regardless, her other work carries on, still managed by Young Veterans.

"I've been working on singles, so you should hear something later this year or early next year, but sooner than you think!" she said.

Though her family life is in the US, Opal makes time for Jamaica, and she revealed that she was recently on the island.

She also still keeps on top of the happenings in the local industry.

"My husband is a disc jockey, so sometimes I hear dancehall music. I've been hearing songs from Aidonia and Popcaan ... . Aidonia has one with Govana called Breeze. I love that one!"

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