Dancers' Paradise: Kimiko Versatile spreads culture through dance

May 18, 2018
Kimiko Versatile
Kimiko Versatile
Kimiko Versatile
Kimiko Versatile

Local dancer Kimiko Versatile has spent at least six months out of each of the past two years on tour. She plans to hit the road later on this year but has decided to hold off on bookings as she settles into her new role as owner and director of Versatile Studioz, which is located on Lady Musgrave Road, St Andrew.

As a creator of dancehall moves, she said that based on her experience, people across the globe are interested in learning about Jamaican culture.

"A lot of foreigners are coming to Kingston to learn dancehall, and they are willing to do classes. So, I provide a safe, clean space. I even do dance aerobics because people are interested in dancing and working out at the same time," Kimiko told THE WEEKEND STAR.

True to her name, the accomplished dancer offers a range of services, including fitness and dance classes, as well as natural hair and make-up services.

"I do make-up tutorials and make-up applications for weddings and things like that," she said.

Sporting dreadlocks herself, Kimiko offers lock tightening, as well as other styling and treatment services. "I'm promoting blackness. I don't do 'creme' or straight hair. I can also do make-up tutorials," she explained.

Kimiko also started her own all-female multinational dance crew called Versatile Ones. Collectively, the crew stands at 18 members strong. While nine members of the crew are based in Jamaica, the others are from South America.

"I just came up with the idea of creating a collaborative female group. I came up with it for Jamaica, and one of my friends from Colombia had the thought, 'Why not have one in South America?' I go there a lot to tour. South Americans love dancehall culture and are willing to support in any way," Kimiko said.

The South American Versatile Ones hail from Colombia, Venezuela and Peru.

Kimiko hopes to bring all the collaborators together to develop the Versatile Ones camp In November. Before this, the multifaceted, dancer will take some time to head back on the road. Next month will find Kimiko on a tour in China, and then she will spend some time in the United States.

"I'm also working on a South American tour, and maybe Russia," she told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Kimiko is also a choreographer. Most recently, she danced in Ishawna's Slippery When Wet music video. She has worked with other local acts, like Razor B, and was one of the choreographers for Nick Cannon's directorial debut, King of the Dancehall.

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