Point Zero revs up career with viral hit

May 21, 2018
Point Zero

There's a new craze in the streets in which partygoers excitedly dance and climb over each other on revving motorbikes in the middle of the dance floor.

This is the result of a new song called Katana by rising dancehall artiste Point Zero.

The artiste spent much time around Big Yaad and used that time learning the studio ropes, enough to produce his own music and work as a studio engineer.

He was able to observe when more experienced recording artistes like Voicemail and Delly Ranks passed through for studio time.

"I watched how it worked because mi deh round the thing. That's what you have to do - learn to sing on key and deliver the message properly," he said.

Recently, Point Zero got his production and recording start with a song called Basketball, which got some buzz.

Similarly, Katana is now playing in the dances and making the rounds on social media via the motorcycle stunts and other moves by Marvin the Beast.

One of Marvin's stunts performed to the song got more than four million views on Instagram.

According to Point Zero, Katana took off for the first time at a party called Day Rave, spun by popular selector Hotta Rice.

The artiste is now under the management of Llamar 'Riff Raff' Brown of Nebilus Records, the producer behind Raging Fyah's Grammy-nominated album Everlasting.

With Katana off the ground, Riff Raff and Point Zero are deciding on which new song to release either Bounce or Put The Body On Me.

"We a test the song dem now, suh mi test Katana and it run weh. I'm doing work in the studio now with Riff, and we have five songs ready right now," he said.

Noting the largely positive response to this latest track, Point Zero believes that he has found the correct route for him.

"We know what we want. Mi go down the gangsta route, but it never work because important people nah embrace it. The ladies dem mi sing fah. Mi wi sing fi poor people, too. Mi nah embrace the gun violence, nah guh down that route deh. Mi jus wah sing and make the ladies enjoy themselves," he said.

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