Minister Marion Hall planing long gospel tour

May 22, 2018
Marion Hall

Minister Marion Hall is planning to embark on a tour spanning the next few years.

The artiste plans to start the tour after the release of her sophomore gospel album 'His Grace' on July 12.

"What we plan on doing is take it on two, three years. Some artistes go out there toiling and you don't hear anything until you hear a song breakout in some American market - that's how I plan to do it. I plan to toil," she told The STAR.

Hall's ongoing tour will be called Soul Seekers Kingdom, a journey she will begin as a solo minister.

"I'm not able to afford a whole team of ministers, so I'm just building my ministry. It's just me and a band. If anybody is buying a leg (of the tour) and buy with the band, then that's how we going. If they can't afford the band - then we go with the church band," Hall explained.

Hall is still ingratiating herself with the local gospel industry. She Hall has collaborated with Carlene Davis, Dawn Martin and Jabez.

"I got a call recently from Jermaine Edwards. I'm just getting familiar with everybody. Even Grey Patch wants a song with me. I'm gonna do a song with my sister Chevelle (Franklin) because I love her so much. She used to pray me up before I got saved. She stills prays me up every day. I'm just blessed to be a servant of God," she said.

Before the album drops and Hall takes on the international gospel trail, VP Records will be engaging the former dancehall star in pre-promotional activities.

"I have a lot of ministries and ministers lined up, people who do annual shows every year," she said.

Hall told The STAR that she has two invitations to the White House to take part in the Prayer for the Nation.

She has also been invited to the Caribbean and African International Faith-Based Leadership Conference for a second time.

"There's nothing out there that would derail or distract me. I'm thinking I may even just do online school or go school in the weekand take the weekends for the tours," she said.

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