Both Spice and Grace Hamilton are my friends - Hanna

May 29, 2018
Lisa Hanna

Member of Parliament (MP) for St Ann South East Lisa Hanna was invited as a presenter at the launch of Grace 'Spice' Hamilton's Women's Empowerment Foundation in the capacity of woman's advocate and close friend of the founder.

Where the public often has trouble separating an onstage persona from the 'real person', Hanna has reconciled.

The MP was asked how it was possible that she could be friends with both personalities.

"Jamaica is a melting pot of excellence that they have given to the world ... Grace and I are friends and Spice and I are friends," Hanna said. "Grace Hamilton is a brand. Spice is an offshoot of that brand. Her CEO and talent management part is another side."

Hamilton developed this foundation with the mandate to engender hope in and garner support for women seeking assistance and mentorship in educational and entrepreneurial pursuits.

Hanna said that one of the biggest things that confront Jamaican women is fear.

"It's not the lack of talent, innovation, creativity. It's not the lack of determination," the politician said.

Referencing the statistics that the Caribbean boasts the highest ratio of female middle managers to male, Hanna said wealth inequality is also an issue.

"As a member of parliament, 80 per cent of my team are women. When I was minister, all the managers were women. [Women] are able to bring emotional intelligence and instincts they are able to bring compassion," she said.

The launch brought out an impressive collection of powerful women in music, politics and business.

"The only way you're going to beat fear in your life is to actually take a step forward and why I support Grace in this issue, and in most things that she does, is that she kicks down walls no matter what it is. She's a testimony to what it really means to rise at any cost," Hanna said.

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