Da'Ville enjoys spotlight with new single


May 30, 2018

Singer Da'Ville has once again been thrust into the spotlight, thanks to the success of his most recent single, 'This Is The Love'.

Produced by Delly Ranx and featured on the Cotton Swab rhythm, This Is The Love is spending its second week at the top of the South Florida Reggae Chart.

This is Da'Ville's second chart-topper in three years. In 2015, he topped the same chart with the Joe Frasier-produced Let's Do It.

Da'Ville explained that he was pleased with the final mix of This Is The Love and was eager to perform it for his fans.

"Honestly, when Delly Ranx link me and said he had an idea for me, I didn't know what it was. But I knew that it was going to be great whatever it was, so after I heard the first few lines, we just took it and run with it from there," Da'Ville said.

"I personally wasn't 100 per cent comfortable with the song in the beginning, but after I heard the final mix, I fell in love with the song and couldn't wait to perform it for the fans."

Da'Ville added that he is overwhelmed and encouraged by the positive response to the song.

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