Female artistes choose sexiest footballers

June 14, 2018
Lisa Hyper

In light of the start of 2018 FIFA World Cup today, THE STAR asked some female Jamaican artistes who they think is the sexiest/fittest football player participating in the tournament.

D'Angel: "I would have to choose Cristiano Ronaldo. Although he is playing for Portugal for the 2018 FIFA World Cup and my son and I side with Brazil, he still remains is the sexiest footballer. In addition to being a top goalscorer, he is tall and handsome. I also admire Ronaldo because he comes from a poor yet humble upbringing and strived for excellence regardless of the odds, and that is attractive."

Barbee: "I'm going to go with Raheem Sterling because he is a Jamaican who has great potential, and for someone who is young he is displaying immense growth within the sport. Sexy and fitness for me is not only weighed on body but applies to one's skills and potentiality to grow beyond the expectations."

Denyque: "David Beckham is my sideman, but I know he is not participating in the World Cup. If I have to choose among the players who have been making waves, it would be a tie between Portuguese professional footballer Andre Silva just look at him with his shirt off, and Thierry Henry is forever a top pick because France is my squad although he is acting as assistant coach to Belgium this year."

Ce'Cile: "I know for sure my favourite and choice for the sexiest is and will always be David Beckham, but him nah play right now. I only follow football as much as the man in my life follows it. I think many women will say Beckham is a top pick no matter what. Cristiano Ronaldo did nice at one point, him sexy but not my type, him too pretty."

Rre: "Netherlands' Nigel de Jong is the sexiest and fittest in my eyes. As a football ace in his 30s he has established himself as one of Europe's most formidable central midfield opponents in recent years. As a total destroyer, he surely has that Amsterdam swagger and sex appeal for me. He has that tattooed sexy body with a caramel flavour. Don't get it confused, Argentina is my side - partially due to pressure from my significant other, and I rate Messi based on performance and endurance, but him nuh sexy and not cute. I disqualified them for this."

Lisa Hyper: "Sterling of course! Raheem Sterling is young, so I am confident that he is fit, physically and mentally. Plus him have the original steam fish and okra body."

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