STAR OF THE MONTH: 'Hang rapists and child molesters' - Shenseea tough on sex offenders

July 17, 2018

When it comes to rapists and child molesters, Shenseea is not one for mercy. The artiste, who may have become a tough police officer had it not been for entertainment, said that she is disgusted by these sexual crimes, and if she has a say in how to deal with the perpetrators, it would be to implement the death penalty.

"Honestly, me see it necessary when it come on to rapists and predators and dem sumn deh," the St Elizabeth-born artiste responded when asked about her views on capital punishment.

"I'm talking about child abusers, not just the one who beat dem, enuh, but the ones who rape people. That is just too far," Shenseea said after reflecting on the matter.

The Loodi singer was prepared to be a bit more lenient with murderers, stating that they could be redeemed even as she argued that the loss of a life to murder is always regrettable.

"Murderers can change, but when it comes on to raping innocent people, you mark them for the rest of their life. When yuh kill a person, that person stay dead, but the person who is abused have to live with it. A murderer can change," she said.

According to the entertainer, if capital punishment is instituted, the nation would see a decrease in sex crimes. The singjay stated that she was alarmed by the country's rising crime rate and was adamant that

"if those types of punishments are given, it will lick out the thoughts out of the others head."

"Everybody have a right to make their own decisions, and when a person is raped, he or she doesn't get that chance," she said.

Jamaica's laws do not make provision for the execution of rapists. The maximum penalty for rape or having sexual intercourse with a child under sixteen years old is life imprisonment. And even if the law existed to hang rapists, there are no guarantees that the hangman would be kept busy. The last time Jamaica executed a prisoner was in 1988 when Nathan Foster was hanged for murder.

Shenseea, when asked her views on flogging in schools, said that it was not something she could support wholeheartedly.

"Yuh have some evil people out deh who lick the pickney dem fi some simple things, so once corporal punishment is allowed in schools, they will think they should beat dem every chance dem get," she said.

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