Dotta Coppa plans to use Dream Weekend as a platform

July 19, 2018
Dotta Coppa

Fresh off his Germany tour, Dotta Coppa is resolute on becoming a reggae and dancehall staple locally.

The deejay has been proclaimed the 'son of a king' because of his likeness to veteran artiste King Yellowman in image and musical style.

But he said that he wants fans of the genre to recognise his own unique delivery.

His single, We Love Dancehall, released in January, captured the attention of the European market, especially in Germany, which, according to Dotta Coppa, is big market for dancehall and reggae because the people are already in tune to the Jamaican culture.

"I took advantage of that love of our culture to spread my music there, and the people wanted to learn more, so they listened keenly," said Dotta Coppa. "I never had to use my image as my music spoke for itself."

Dotta Coppa said the only challenge he had was having to speak more clearly so persons could understand.

The deejay performed at various clubs and events with the likes of Darrio in Germany, Demarco in Belgium, and Unstoppable Fyah in the Netherlands while on tour.

He said that he knows it is more competitive in Jamaica, but he is ready to take on the challenge this summer, especially with his booking for the popular Dream Weekend event, Dream Live.

He said there is no particular strategy for his performance.

He will be one of the opening acts for the show, which also features Aidonia, Konshens, Shenseea, Ding Dong, Govana, Masicka and Teejay.

"Dream Weekend is one of the biggest music festivals in the world, and as for Dream Live, it will be nothing but energy and hard-hitting lyrics," he said. "I want the patrons to leave Dream Weekend with a good impression of Dotta Coppa."

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