Rygin King didn't diss me - MC Nuffy denies Sumfest altercation

July 24, 2018
MC Nuffy
Rygin King

Controversial dancehall personality MC Nuffy is denying that rising dancehall star Rygin King disrespected him during the artiste’s performance at Reggae Sumfest.  

MC Nuffy said: “Nuffy is the man the people can take the hype offa but there is no issue between me and Rygin King; I know that young man respects me.”

He said the Tuff deejay was basically showing his toughness on stage when he was instructed to do one last song and what followed backstage was not an altercation but Rygin King doing his own thing with his entourage.

“No altercation happened. I would never entertain that because he is a young man, a rising talent and if that was even tried I would back away from it because I am an older person for him in the industry,” said MC Nuffy.

He continued: “If he wants to learn the art of performing though, he has to be quick and slick. If people say Nuffy get disrespected at the time he was like any other artiste in them element and wanting to bring out his talent to the people.”

For the artiste’s determination to be seen and heard, MC Nuffy said, “I want to commend him” because it will carry him a long way.

In comparison to fellow western Jamaica artistes Tommy Lee Sparta and Teejay, Nuffy said the people named Rygin King as their choice.

“That young man has the craft and lyrics, he has it and he knows what he is doing,” he said. “He is definitely one of the tops ones but you don’t have to hear it from Nuffy because the people give him the crown so why should I say is not him is the people’s choice.”

MC Nuffy also explained that the duty to deal with artistes who present 'the hype' at shows like Reggae Sumfest and Sting has been given to him numerous times over the years and no one else can take on the role like he does.

“Last year I was the person when Tommy Lee take the show. Is just what I do, over and over again. At that time (peak hours) there is no other person that could emcee, because they cannot do what I do to make it work,” he said.