Wayne J breaks leg during video shoot

July 26, 2018
Although he was hospitalised, Wayne J was still in high spirits.
Wayne J

During a video shoot for the recently released single, 'Better Days', what was to be a midfield kick turned into a mid-set fall for Wayne Smith, popularly known as Wayne J. The reggae-dancehall artiste got a little competitive during the football-playing scene of the video and ended up breaking his leg. It caused a panic on set when he unable to stand up, and Wayne J was immediately rushed to the Kingston Public Hospital.

The 15-year-old, whose rise to popularity started at the age of seven, has done a series of surgeries since April to fix the damaged bones; the most recent procedure (approximately two weeks ago) was to remove the pins used to hold the bones in place.

As a result the unfortunate incident, Wayne J said that he missed two performances in Europe and he has not been able to do any form of physical activity. 

“I am scared because the injury is still healing. I still feel pain, and it is difficult to do certain things like even just bending down for a few minutes,” Wayne J told The WEEKEND STAR.

The resilient young star says now he wants to take things easy following the injury he sustained, which will also affect his extra-curricular activities at the Hydel High School.

“The foot injury has caused me to even break from the practical training for a diving course I am doing, and I know it will be hard for me to continue football once school starts,” he said.

Despite these setbacks, Wayne J has returned to doing studio recordings, and he will also take the stage on August 1 at Emanci-Fest in St Catherine and Funfest in Kingston.


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