Mission Ary Globally looking for big break

July 30, 2018
Mission Ary Globally

US-based reggae recording artiste Mission Ary Globally said he is pleased with the reception from his latest single Hot Ya Now.

Taken from the album Strange Things, he said the track is a social commentary that tackles various issues in the world.

"I have been putting in a lot of promotion work, which includes coming to Jamaica and doing some smalls shows and so on. The people are gravitating towards it, so I know in time it will reach really far places. The message is real, so everyone from different background can relate to it," he said.

He told THE STAR that although he is yet to receive a major break in the industry, he has no intention of throwing in the towel.

"I believe my break is in this album 'Strange Things' because, so far, it has been garnering some fans in sections of Europe. It's not always easy to get a break in the industry, especially when the artiste is living overseas, but I am determined to make it," he said.

Mission Ary Globally, whose given name is Benton McNeil, hails from the parish of Portland.

He said the moniker Mission Ary was given to him by a friend, who saw him dressed as a church minister during a local talent show.

The singjay is currently in the United Kingdom on a mini-tour.

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